A St Elizabeth Tribute Fund can be set up in the name of the person who has died and acts as a permanent Tribute to their lives.

Once a Tribute Fund is set up you can:

  • Share your feelings and memories about your loved one using words, photos, and videos.

  • Use your Tribute Fund page to enable family and friends to send their thoughts and you can invite them to contribute as well, maybe by adding a picture you’ve never seen or a special story you’ve never heard. 

  • You can keep your Tribute Fund access totally private to just you and selected family and friends, or choose to allow public access. The privacy of your site is completely up to you. 

  • You can use your Tribute Fund page to pass on information about the death, the funeral, anniversaries or other important occasions to your family and friends. 

  • You can use your website to collect and display donations to the fund in memory of your loved one.

  • You can develop and keep a beautiful lasting record and legacy for your family and future generations. 

  • Anyone can make tax efficient donations from anywhere in the world using the St Elizabeth Tribute Fund website.